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C.F. Touristique du Tarn, 2013
Non-steam Locomotives

Thomas Kautzor writes of his visit to a French narrow gauge railway in August 2013:

On Aug. 15th - 18th the CFTT was holding its annual steam festival, this report includes basic information about the railway.

The CFTT have since built-up a huge collection, for a list of the locos of French, Swiss, Spanish and German origin, for details see, four of which are classified as “Historic Monuments”. 

In the 1970s the CFTT acquired a total of five Crochat 5L6.50 petrol-electric C-C locos from Salins du Midi. Only one (No. 9) is operational, while three others are stored, one of which used to operate here, with the 5th dismantled. They were all built in 1918 and very similar to the four-axled armoured models built for the French Army during WWI. At the time this report was written, one survivor was preserved in Versailles but was moved in 2018 to Fort d'Uxegney near Epinal.

On Sunday morning a diesel loco parade took place before the 10.30 train.

No. 6 Ruhrthaler KDL S1 1329/1934 ex Mr Delamont (Tarn-et-Garonne); No. E1 Genty 1/1958 (Vetra frame) ex-Dynamiterie Nitrochimie (Seine-et-Marne);

No. 4 Campagne TE 1915 ex-Ets. Potz, Ambérieux (Ain); No. 16 Deutz GK9B 56610/1956 ex Pechiney, Manosque (Aples de Hte. Provence);

Heim Liliput loco in use as the station yard shunter; No. 7 RACO 16 PS 1304/1946 ex-Von Roll steelworks, Gerlafingen (Switzerland);
No. 3 Jules Weitz CACL JW15 1948 ex-SNCF Artouste (Pyrénées-Atlantiques); No. 14 Patry P3 10-1981 ex-Usines des Chaux de Paviers (Indre-et-Loire) with works train;
No. 5 RACO 16 PS 1349/1948 ex-Von Roll steelworks, Gerlafingen (Switzerland) with ex-SNCF Artouste flat car; No. 10 Ruston LFT 518189/1965 ex-Von Roll steelworks, Gerlafingen (Switzerland);
No. 15 Decauville 3 tonnes 696/1939 ex Mine de Pessens (Aveyron); No. 22 LKM Ns2f 248894/1957 ex Thüringer Ziegelwerke Erfurt-Höngeda (GDR);
No. 19 Jules Weitz 982/1920? ex-Carrière de Naucelle (Aveyron); No. 1 Heim Liliput 315LL/1955 ex-Salins du Midi (Aude), with the CFTT’s 1st passenger coach;
No. 17 rebuilt from underground Schöma CFL60DCL 4199/1978 ex-Minas de Figols No. 3 (Catalunya); No. 9 Crochat 5L6.50 petrol-electric of 1918
No. 24 Billard T75P 196/1945 ex-St-Gobain, Cirey-sur-Vezouse (Meurthe-et-Moselle); SMDF Dufel 1000 underground mining electric loco from the Minas de Figols (Catalunya).

Rob Dickinson