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Narrow Gauge Survivors in Finland

Jussi Tepponen has produced this summary of the narrow gauge railway scene in Finland, Harvey Smith assisted. If you can help with pictures of the steam locomotives (other than Jokioinen, please get in touch.

Similar information is available on these sites, it's worth comparing notes as each has a slightly different emphasis:

1. Jokioinen Railway, 750mm gauge

The best known of all the narrow gauge railways, it includes a narrow gauge museum at MInkiö. The official website is

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More information is available on Wikipedia:

2. Nykarleby Jernväg, 600mm gauge

The official website is:

More information is available on Wikipedia:

3. The other narrow gauge heritage railway is the 750mm gauge Outokumpu Railway, reconstruction is shown here:

4. Strömfors (Ruotsinpyhtää in Finnish) Iron Works Forge museum:

The museum has a 750mm Gauge Krauss narrow gauge steam locomotive (2517/1891). It is excellent condition as It has been taken in straight from service, the photo is courtesy of Simo Ronty.

5. Veturimuseo at Toijala

Primarily a Finnish broad gauge museum in an old roundhouse, they have one 600 mm gauge Move1 (Valmet/Finland) diesel locomotive and actually several narrow gauge diesel locomotives which have been rebuilt for Finnish broad gauge (Move 21/orig 750 mm, Pedershaab/orig 600 mm!)

The museum's official website is:

There are pictures at:

6. Fiskar’s 750mm gauge railroad, the site of "Finland's first true narrow gauge railway".

  • (link broken by April 2015)

The railway was running on very beautiful location and there has been some talk about rebuilding the first 3 km that run along a river and lake... but nothing concrete until now. Here are some pictures of the railway (trackbed) and the locomotive:

7. Former narrow gauge railway at Äänekoski paper mill, 750mm gauge 0-6-0T O&K 7194/1914 is preserved here

8. And there is a small train of the Riihimäki-Loppi 600mm gauge railway preserved in Riihimäki:

9. In Särkijärvi there is this small electric locomotive (600mm gauge?) from the last industrial narrow gauge railway in Finland (a second locomotive from the same line is in the MInkiö narrow gauge museum on the Jokioinen Museum Railway):

10. In Tampere there was this small electric locomotive, but a note on one picture indicates it had been moved by January 2012:

11. In Forssa there is a small electric tram (600mm gauge?):

12. In Kotka there is this:1067mm gauge fireless from Hohenzollern (4552/1929):

13. At the Finnish Peat Museum at Aitoneva is a 750mm gauge Russian power car:

14. There used to be a forest railway In Eskola, 750mm gauge.

Information is available on Wikipedia:

This is what is left:

15. There was a short private 600mm gauge railway at Espoo, Lahnus. However, the owner has passed away and the railway has been dismantled.

Then there are couple of "artificial" narrow gauge tourist narrow gauge railways:

In Lapland there is Tankavaara railway (1 km loop) with diesel locomotives that look like steamers:

At Tervakoski Puuhamaa amusement park there is about 1 km loop and a few locomotives:

At Rokua there is a long (over 3 km line) going through nice forest scenery:

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