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The Darjeeling of Africa 2002 - Part 5

The first organised tour group visited Eritrea in December 2000. In November 2002 there were two more, I joined the second one (run by the LCGB). 

There are four other sections to this report:

On the last day of our tour Roland Ziegler went north-west of Asmara to see what remains of the line onwards and has sent the pictures below. I understand it is official policy to consider  re-instatement of this line once the Massawa - Asmara section is complete and running 'normally'. On the face of it, there are no insuperable problems, but don't hold your breath waiting for the first train.

This shows an outline map of the area:

This shows the course of the line near Halib Mentel

A nearby intact viaduct:

rzer003.jpg (57858 bytes)

Rolling stock remains

And buildings:

Finally Keren itself, firstly the suburbs and then the station (now used by buses):

Rob Dickinson