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The Darjeeling of Africa 2002 - Part 4

The first organised tour group visited Eritrea in December 2000. In November 2002 there were two more, I joined the second one (run by the LCGB). 

There are four other sections to this report:

Infernal Combustion Vehicles

Fiat Littorina 2 is serviceable and went down to Arbaroba for both recent groups. The driver is 87 years old.

Locked in the back of the carriage shed is this baby Littorina (Littorinetta?):

One extra delight was this British double-decker now used for staff transport by Asmara Textile Mills in the south of the city. It has a new(er) Fiat engine. The platform has been closed off, the staircase reversed with a corresponding door inserted. Upstairs are still four 'Push Once' buttons, but I guess they don't work any more. ChrisWalker and others recognised it, Neil Edwards contacted a friend who added: "It is a Guy Arab II, with Northern Coachbuilders bodywork. Ex-Northern General fleet number 1178, registration GPT 978, it was new in 1946 and remained in service until it was withdrawn in 1958. It was exported to Asmara, Eritrea in 1960".

The bus has done rather better than more recent Italian imports, older cars than this being very rare.

Rob Dickinson