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Museum Steam in the Czech Republic, October 2011

Chris Yapp reports on his visit which updates his own in August 2011 and James Waite's 2009 report.

A second visit was made to Luzna on the occasion of the museum’s end of season event over the weekend of 15th and 16th October. ‘Albatross’ 498.022 4-8-2 worked an excursion from Prague Masaryk to Luzna on both days – routed via Jenec and Kladno except for the outbound trip on the Sunday morning which was routed via Kralupy and Kladno. ‘Parrot’ 477.043 4-8-4T was attached to the train in both directions between Kladno and Luzna on the Saturday and on the morning outbound working on the Sunday. On the Sunday afternoon diesel T478.3101 was attached to the rear of the train between Luzna and Kladno.

One trip was operated on the Kolesowice branch on both days – the train engine was 354.7152 2-6-2 on the Saturday and 555.0153 2-10-0 on the Sunday. In addition, 555.0301 2-10-0 with cab side number T3.3644 was in steam and moved about the museum compound and the station yard. Steam railcar M124.001 was in use giving rides on the standard gauge line in the museum compound and No. 7 CKD1724 0-4-0WT was giving rides on the small circuit of 800mm track in the museum grounds.

There were some changes to the steam locomotives working or on display in the museum site compared to mid-August: 313.432 0-6-0T and 464.008 4-8-4T were not on public view whilst 434.2218 2-8-0 and 354.7152 2-6-2 had appeared (one or both could have been in the workshop). On this occasion it was possible to see into the workshop building where an unidentified 0-6-0T was undergoing overhaul and a diesel railcar was receiving attention.




Luzna line up

The steam railcar M124.001


Rob Dickinson