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The Bregenzerbahn, Austria 2015

James Waite reports on a less visited narrow gauge line, he was there on 10th October 2015

This line used to run from Bregenz, on the eastern shore of the Bodensee/Lake Constance, up into the hills behind the city. It was closed by the OBB in the 1980's after damage from a landslide and the last 4km or so to Bezau at the eastern end of the line are now run by a volunteer group. The line had already closed for the season but happily was running a special in connection with a market and fair being held in the station yard at Bezau. The working locomotives there, both 0-6-2T's, are U25 (OBB 298.25, Krauss Linz 2998/1902) which ran on the line in its working days, and Uh102 (OBB 498.08 Wiener Lokomotivfabrik 3038/1931), a much larger superheated locomotive and the last 0-6-2T to be built for the Austrian narrow gauge. It was this one which was running. The line also has U24 (OBB 298.24 Krauss Linz 4678/1902), the locomotive in grey undercoat in these photos, which is awaiting restoration after spending many years on a plinth out in the open, not a good way to keep a locomotive in the Austrian Alps! 

Rob Dickinson