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Steamy Java Sugar Mill Tour 2010, the Quickie 

This series of pages from July and August 2010 records our travels from China to Malaysia and on to Java, Indonesia where we were hosting the 'Steamy Java Tour 2010'. Click here for the main Winds of Change index page.

After yet another successful visit at Jatibarang in the morning, we stopped for lunch in Tegal. Afterwards when a traffic jam threatened to ruin our next visit to Sumberharjo, I took the bus on a circuitous cross country journey and it was 16.00 before we arrived. Of course, the office was closed, but our permit letter got us in eventually, the only bonus being that it was at a (relatively) bargain price. We had less than an hour available, but perhaps fortuitously, there is not a lot of steam equipment here.

Now that the huge Werkspoor multiple machine (vacuum pump, condenser and water injection pump) has died, the best thing in this mill is the pair of Stork dual drive engines, the only ones on the island which do not have drop valves, they date from 1912:

Compared to Jatibarang and Sindanglaut, they have smaller gear wheels:

With the big Werkspoor out of action, the mill has installed an unidentified and less than new twin fly-wheeled vacuum pump, probably from the residue of kit from the closed mill at Banjaratma which was stored at Jatibarang. From the noise it was making (which was almost matched by the Werkspoor next to it), its efficiency must be very low:

Some of the vacuum pans here (from Werkspoor) appear to be of the vintage variety:

The centrifugals are not exactly new either and the bagger at the end comes into the same category:  

Outside in the yard, a couple of the mill's steam locomotive fleet were brewing up in the twilight. You can read more about this side of the operation on John Raby's blog - http://www.linesiding,

I skipped dinner with my group as I had seen (and heard) more than enough of some of them. It was a shame as I missed a big pile of steamed crab which is one of my favourite dishes in Java.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson