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Steamy Java Sugar Mill Tour 2010, Soedhono Sorrows

This series of pages from July and August 2010 records our travels from China to Malaysia and on to Java, Indonesia where we were hosting the 'Steamy Java Tour 2010'. Click here for the main Winds of Change index page.

When we got to Soedhono, it was clear that the loco group was going to be disappointed when they fronted up here later in the day. The steam locomotive (OK #3) reported to be active was laid up outside the shed, not required owing to the continuing slow season. Several diesels were at work including this 1941 built Henschel 4wDM (see elsewhere on this site for more information on such creatures). Inside the shed was its twin and together with some derelicts was another apparently serviceable steam locomotive (Jung #6) which unusually is fitted with a Stutz tender - a type of semi-articulation. 

Soedhono is one of the least steamy mills on our visit list and the fact that their Cameron simplex pump was working was no compensation at all for the Jaffa drop valve generator being laid up for lack of demand - it had been working during my recent visits.  

Which leaves the three milling engines from Werkspoor. Now that the Sangerhausen engines at Rejoagung are no more, these are the most modern on the island. But they are devilishly difficult to photograph.

It was another flying visit, just long enough for the drivers to take lunch, we had to get to Purwodadi.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson