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Steamy Java Sugar Mill Tour 2010, the Etty Legacy

This series of pages from July and August 2010 records our travels from China to Malaysia and on to Java, Indonesia where we were hosting the 'Steamy Java Tour 2010'. Click here for the main Winds of Change index page.

Long ago the mill at Wonolangan was owned by the Etty family from the UK. From Yorkshire origins they migrated to The Netherlands and India and eventually some washed up on the shores of Java. Their most lasting memorial is the mill and a family grave in one corner of the site.

The first and fourth mill engines are Storks, but instead of having standard oil governors, they have Werkspoor style shaft governors.

The second and third engines appear to be extraordinary survivors, the last two British built mill engines left working in Java. They have never been easy to photograph, but this time a truck delivering plywood chippings almost completely obstructed the view of the second engine - this is the one which bears the name of the manufacturer, Thomas Piggott.

The other interesting active engine is this Breda vacuum pump, which also bears an agent's plate.

After which, it was time for lunch in Probolinggo at the rumah makan Malang which has been a regular stopping off place for me ever since 1978...

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson