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Steam in China, March 2017

by Harada Keisuke

Shibanxi and Wujiu

I visited Shibanxi and Yakeshi(Wujiu Coal Mine) between 14 and 22 March.

Shibanxi (14- 17 March)

The sunflowers (canola) were in full flower. 5 engines (07,16,17,18,19,) were in steam, with nos.16, 17, 18 being used daily.

Yakeshi (20-22 March)

SY1225 was in steam throughout, but during my stay was only in use one day and then only started at 16.00. After leaving the shed, it went first to No.3 Mine, then after returning to the Wujiu yard, went to Shenglikuang(???, Victory-Mine). Shenglikuang is shown as "New Mine" on the map, south of the main Wujiu yard and about 3 or 4km away. This mine has a long loading yard, and the night view was very beautiful! One DF4DD was also in service. When not in use, both locos returned to the shed to keep warm. Unfortunately, staff at the the Liming Hotel (????) said that it no longer takes foreign guests, so if planning to spend several days at Wujiu Mine there now seems to be no option but to travel to and from Yakeshi by train or taxi. It may be possible to stay at the hotel if you go with a Chinese guide.....but I can't be sure.

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2017 Harada Keisuke