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Great Dorset Steam Fair 2018
Portable Engines

This is one of a series of pages which I have uploaded to illustrate facets of steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Such events occur all over the country in the summer months, they are easily found by using your favourite search engine and may have anything between a handful of steam engines and hundreds (as at the Great Dorset Steam Fair which could probably be fairly described as having an excess of riches). Click here for the GDSF2018 main index and click here for the overall 2018 index.

The complete portables were scattered around the event but at least they didn't move around as far as I am aware. There were several incomplete portables in the scrap yard and these are listed on a separate page.

Portable Engines

Maker Number Notes
Barrows 2667//1904 Steam Scenes Link (None)
Burrell 1475/1890 Steam Scenes Link
Burrell 2363/1901 Steam Scenes Link
Clayton and Shuttleworth 37621/1905 "Tom Thumb" 
Steam Scenes Link (None)
Davey Paxman 15584/1910 Steam Scenes Link 
Marcle Rally 2013 Picture 
Shrewsbury Rally 2013 Picture 
Shrewsbury Rally 2014 Picture 
Malpas Rally 2014 Picture 
Astle Park Rally 2015 Picture 
Shrewsbury Rally 2015 Picture
Hollowell Rally 2017 Picture 
Welland Rally 2017 Picture 
Astle Park Rally 2017 Picture 
Davey Paxman 21693/1925 Steam Scenes Link 
Humphries 219 Said to be the oldest surviving portable in the world. 
Steam Scenes Link 
Marshall 6158/1878 Steam Scenes Link 
Marshall  10193/1883 Steam Scenes Link 
Marshall  47053/1907 Steam Scenes Link 
Tinkers Park Rally 2018 Picture 
Marshall  70595/1910 Steam Scenes Link
Marshall  87866/1936 Steam Scenes Link
Marshall  unknown ex-Chile
Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies 12622/1894 Steam Scenes Link 
Netley Marsh Rally 2016 Picture 
Needs picture / confirmation
Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies 24652/1911 Steam Scenes Link 
Netley Marsh Rally 2016 Picture 
Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies 26915/1907 Trevthick Day 2017 Picture  
Cornish Fair 2017 Picture 
Trevthick Day 2018 Picture 
Robey 6529/1881 Steam Scenes Link 
South Cerney Rally 2013 Picture 
Robey 43739/1927 Steam Scenes Link 
Ruston Proctor 42560/1911 Steam Scenes Link 
Ruston Proctor 51457/1916 With boiler 39874/1910
Steam Scenes Link 
Weyher and Richemond 15046/1930 Danish resident
Steam Scenes Link (None)

If you like this sort of thing then try David Collidge's Steam Scenes

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson