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Cornish Steam and Country Fair, (18th - 20th August, 2017)

This is one of a series of pages I have uploaded to illustrate facets of the steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Click here for the 2017 introduction and overall index.

This is another event that has felt the need to add 'Country Fair' or similar to its title. It's something I can live with if it brings the punters in and the core of the event remains unchanged as seems to have happened successfully here. As in 2015, we had an otherwise blank weekend in prospect (we went to Lincoln in 2016) and it didn't require much to persuade us to head south-west again, the hope being that this time with the engines being more familiar I would have time to get the video camera out and cover the working areas which had some lovely portables. In the event there were only two this time but traction engines were working saw benches, a thresher and a stone crusher. Compared to 2015 which was an anniversary event, this was more of a 'local show' with fewer visiting engines, epitomised by the appearance of the Carnkie Cloggers from Redruth.

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David Collidge's Steam Scenes website ( is a fount of information and was a great help in compiling these pages.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson