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Astle Park Traction Engine Rally, (12th - 13th August, 2017)

This is one of a series of pages I have uploaded to illustrate facets of the steam rallies we have attended in the UK. Click here for the 2017 introduction and overall index.

We had been to the Astle Park Rally in 2015 which is run by the same organisation as runs the Ashley Hall Rally we attended in 2015 and the Whitby Rally we attended the previous weekend, so we knew what to expect. Indeed it was a classic 'plain vanilla' rally with an excellent selection of engines, nearly 60 full size in all. With the weather forecast promising late sun on the Saturday which would favour the grand parade and early sun on the Sunday as Plan B, we elected to stay nearby overnight. In the event, the weather was rather better than anticipated and I was so satisfied with my photographic coverage, that we went visiting gardens on the way home instead of returning, saving my Brownie points to be cashed in on another occasion. It was good to capture almost all the exhibits on the move, not as easy as it might seem as there were large crowds of onlookers not all of whom were interested in photography... Like Whitby, Yuehong gave the rally 'A' for atmosphere.

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Steam Rollers

General Engines Part 1

General Engines Part 2

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David Collidge's Steam Scenes website ( is a fount of information and was a great help in compiling these pages.

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson