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Penang's Rubber Rollers
Part 2

This is part of a series of pages on relics of Penang's rubber industrial heritage. The others are:

This page covers machines which appear to have a direct Penang connection.

Found above Pulau Betong are a pair of machines made in Penang by the 'Ching Aik Company' (= CAC), there is a similar example on the preserved machines page.

This one was seen in a durian orchard above Pulau Betong, with what seems to be a Tiger motif and Yuehong says it was made by the 'Quang Tek Company' in Jelutong (Road?) in Penang itself. Nearby is its other half with the 'Eagle Brand' plain roller behind - it is shown in close up in part 3.. 

A second machine from the 'Quang Tek Company' in Jelutong (Road?) in Penang was found above Pondok Upeh, note the stingless bees in action on the left in the first picture.

A third pair was found near Pantai Aceh.

The other pair at the same location had 'Soo Hock Lin Traders' on the crossbar:

They appear to be similar to an anonymous smaller pair found above Bayan Lepas, there is a similar style larger pair in the 'preserved' page.

This is an 'Ee Leong Company', Kimberley Street, Georgetown, Penang product, spotted about half way up the main hill. There is another one from this company below.

This one is above Gertak Sanggul, it's another Penang made example, 'Lee Cheong Eng Khi Machine Factory Production')

This pair of Penang made machines were found in Pulau Betong. The trademark is an airplane, a B29 type, it's from the 'Seng Lee Company', Penang ('Victory Ironworks') and the design of the airplane suggests it is post WW2. There's a very different example from the company in Part 3.

A late discovery above Titi Kerawang was this pair with 'Kim Eng & Co Penang' on them. The proud owner quickly cleaned their environment,

This pair was found on the south side of the Balik Pulau valley, the friendly owner pulled one out of the vegetation and also found gear wheels and the turning wheel among the junk that goes with most of these places. Note the plate on the base of first one, it needs a revisit with WD 40 and a wire brush... It was made in Penang probably in the Rope Walk area of George Town. I have been told this is a Cantonese company, Kwong Dek Cheong.

In the same area we found two pairs at one location, each pair is shown in 3 pictures. This another one from 'Ee Leong Company', Kimberley Street, Georgetown, Penang.

The second set of Chinese characters reads "Five Stars".

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson