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Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

For convenience I have now grouped lifestyle illustrated features by topic:

This page accesses the full list of Penang walks available on this site,
click on the area you are interested in on the map.

Areas marked ## below have route maps included, click the symbol to step through the various maps, one at a time.

1.  Northern Area (##, updated 24th February 2018)

2.  North Eastern Area (updated 18th December 2017)

3.  Western Area (##, updated 17th February 2018)

4.  South Central Area (##, updated 13th March 2018)

5.  East Central Area (updated 11th December 2017)

6.  West Central Area (##, updated 15th January 2018)

7.  Southern Area (##, updated 19th November 2018)

8.  South Western Area (##, updated 15th November 2018)

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Click here for information on Rain Gauges and Catchment Areas (updated 26th December 2017).

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I strongly recommend using buses to get to the starting points and back from the end of these walks. I have written a short guide to Penang's Buses (updated 1st March 2018) for hikers.

Rob and Yuehong Dickinson