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More 21st Century Stationary Steam Engines in Thailand

Click here for an introduction to stationary steam in Thailand's rice mills.

Click here for a brand new unused 21st century stationary steam engine.

Click here for examples of machines in mills.

Click here for one of my favourite mills in detail (2006 visit).

Click here for Thai stationary steam's last hurrah (2006 visit).

In late 2005, we visited a small stationary steam engine workshop in Bangkok and, in early 2006, Chanoknun Sookkumnerd set up a visit to a second one. I have to say that overall the company was extremely welcoming, this is a family firm with 3 generations:

Behind them is the star item, an 18" tandem compound engine - it seems it is one of theirs bought back when it was no longer needed:

There were several other engines on site, shown in descending order of size, this is a 16" machine:

This is a 12" engine:

And this a mere 8":

There was another 12" machine present, together with the base for a 6" machine, together with numerous parts.

With no common language, it was impossible to know just when they were built, which were new and which were second hand. But we did determine that they had installed at least one engine in a rice mill in the last year or so and following that up will give us an excuse to revisit. Watch this space....: 

Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson