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Small Scale Steam Plant Inaugurated in India

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AADHUNIK GLOBAL ENERGY, C/oTINYTECH PLANTS,Tagore Road, Rajkot - 360 002, India

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Recently my first tiny thermal power plant with 18 hp steam engine and 10 kw generator was successfully commissioned in village Dalbhanga of Kuchai Block in the district of Saraikela-Kharsawan in Jharkhand state of India. The mustard oil mill was also successfully installed and made operational. Light (2 CFL bulbs of 15W each) in the first phase have been provided to 60 houses to be expanded later to 200-250 houses. The oil mill also has milled mustard grain for a large number of villagers in the area.

They never saw electric light in their life. During the day, steam engine is connected to run my tiny oil mill to provide fresh natural cooking oil to villagers and during night, it is connected to generator to provide lights in homes. Two young boys have grasped knowledge to operate the power house and oil mill only in 3 days and now they are running the plant independently. After 11 pm, they close down the plant.

Look at the benefits of tiny thermal power plant.
(1) It can provide lighting to 200 homes.
(2) It can be owned and operated by a society or village of 200 homes independently.
(3) The power plant is very simple and can be learnt to operate it in 3 days.
(4) It consists of wood fired water tube boiler which produces steam to be used in steam engine which drives generator and produces electricity.
(5) Power house can be run 4 to 5 hours in the evening as decided by village independently. After closing the power house at night, if somebody wants light, he can keep rechargeable battery light commonly available in the market and charge it at home.
(6) Power plant can be used for agro processing purpose during the day such as oil milling, rice hulling, grain threshing, flour grinding, water pumping etc and can earn back investment very quickly.
(7) No battery bank required and hence no maintenance cost of batteries.
(8) Capital investment is US$10000/- which is only US$50/- per family. Distribution cable expense to 200 homes is extra.
So quick and cheapest solution of rural electrification lies in our 10 KW tiny thermal power plants.


We manufacture and export the steam power plants. These power plants are not automatic. Continuous manual feeding of wood or biomass to boiler is essential. Moreover, electricity generated in these power plants cannot be fed into grid as in a grid feeding, frequency variation is not allowed. But electricity can be used to drive motors as a captive power plant. Please watch the following URL on Youtube to see steam engines.

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Rob and Yuehong  Dickinson