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Surviving Railway Cranes in New Zealand

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Chris Capewell (chriscapewell AT has provided the following data, he would greatly appreciate additions, corrections and confirmation for data with a yellow background.

Latest addition is the Timaru Harbour Board Crane (3rd April 2014)


  • CS = Cowans Sheldon and Co, Ltd., Carlisle, UK
  • Cravens = Cravens Bros., Reddish, Stockport, UK
  • Marion = Marion Power Shovel Company, Marion, Ohio, USA
  • R&R = Ransomes and Rapier, Ipswich, UK
  • S&P = Stothert and Pitt, Bath, UK
  • NZ(G)R = New Zealand (Government) Railway

A good web site on preserved New Zealand rail equipment is, the cranes are under "Wagons".

Each entry below is arranged as follows after the location - for an explanation of 'Register Number' please see

Register Number Railway Diesel, Hand, Steam Capacity in tons Wheels Works Number Comments

North Island

Auckland, Museum of Transport Technology and Social History (MOTAT)

283 NZGR H 5T 6W R&R ?/1874,
338 Western Springs Railway, Coaling Crane
Rotowaro, Huntly, Bush Tramway Club

293 NZGR H 5T 4W R&R ?/1874 originally on 6W frame, rebuilt at Rotowaru on 4W wagon frame.
225 NZR S 10T 4+4W CS 6112/1937 later ELS 104 3, OOU, under restoration 2013,
256 NZGR S 7T 4+4W CS 4425/1925 later ELS 50 6, OOU, expected to be scrapped 2013,

225 in October 2010, © Brian Garvin

256 in October 2010, © Brian Garvin link found broken on 27th October 2017 now 
Glenbrook Vintage Railway

224 NZR S 10T 4+4W CS 6056/1936 with pile driving jib, later ELS 102 8, in use 2010
276 NZGR H 5T 6W R&R? ?/1879


EL 600 2 NZR D 60T 4-6+6-4RB CS/NEI-CC 31658/1979 named “TWEETY”, Palmerston N. (1980-94), in use TRANZRAIL 2009.
EL 601 9 NZR D 60T 4-6+6-4RB CS/NEI-CC 31659/1979 named “SPEEDY", Hamilton (1981-94), in use TRANZRAIL until 2005 when fell in river and has not been recommissioned.
Hutt Valley. Silver Stream Railway

124 NZR S 15T 6-4W R&R F2122-8/1944 in use, later ELS 159 9,
163 or 164 NZR S ?5T 6W Whitaker Bros., Leeds, ca.1904 Steam Shovel, OOU

This is Kevin Hoggett's 2012 picture:

Paekakariki, Craven Crane Preservation Group

200 NZGR S 40T 2-6-2W Cravens, CF57/28474 / 1936 later ELS 400 7, under restoration to working condition,

Taumarunui, T.R.A.C.S.

226 NZR S 10T 4+4W CS 6363 /1937 later ELS 101 5, under restoration
Tokomaru Steam Engine Museum

? ? S ?T 4+4W Marion 960/19?? Shovel
? ? Browning
Steam Incorporated. Paekakriki

313 Coaling Crane (link dead by 12th April 2018)
Wanganui, Steamrail

120 NZGR S 5T 4W Hillside Works 1904 crane works by Jessops and Appleby link found broken on 27th October 2017
Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club (Confirmation required)

-?- NZGR H ?5T 4W CS ?/?1924

South Island
Dunedin Gasworks Museum

Steam powered, crawler shovel. Ruston No. 10 works 1031 /193?
Ferrymead Heritage Park, near Christchurch

227 NZR S 10T 4+4W CS 6364 /1937 later ELS 103 0,
277 NZGR H 5T 6W R&R? ?/?1879
291 NZMR H 3.5T 4W Grafton & Co after 1886

These are Kevin Hoggett's 2012 pictures of 277 and 291:
Greymouth, Shanty Town Heritage Park

822?. H 2T 4W Probably R&R timber frame,
-?- Greymouth Harbour Board S ?5T 4W S&P /1908
322 Coaling Crane
Oamaru Steam and Rail Association (updated 21st January 2011)

-?- Oamaru Port 11'0" gauge steam quarry crane S&P C7600/1926
See (link broken by 25th October 2016) which shows it being moved to a themed playground at nearby Friendly Bay in 2011.

These are Kevin Hoggett's 2012 pictures of this unusual dual gauge crane::
Ocean Beach Railway, near Dunedin

287 NZGR H 5T 6W R&R ?/1874
356 Coaling Crane,_New_Zealand

Port Craig, Waitutu National Forest

-?- Marlborough Timber Co. S ?5T ?4W Priestman /1920s very dumped, and isolated!

Timaru (added 3rd April 2014)

-?- Timaru Harbour Board. S S&P ?/1926 Washdyke Flat Road  link found broken on 27th October 2017
Tinwald, near Ashburton, The Plains Vintage Railway and Historical Museum

-?- ? H 2T 4W Probably R&R curved jib,
? 3'6" S Butler & whitaker, Leeds, possibly some Marion parts Oamaru Harbour Board,

These are Kevin Hoggett's 2012 pictures of these cranes:

Waimea Plains, NE of Invercargill (stored at unknown location)

142 NZGR S 5T ?4W NZR Hillside /1907
Weka Pass Railway

EL 100 7 D 10T 4+4W R&R F5637/1943 Old no. 197,


  • Philip Treweeks and his excellent and totally comprehensive website, including pneumatic coaling cranes! 

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