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Steam on the JiTong Line (or not), October 2000

Bill Alborough sent the following fax from China where he is currently visiting which has been forwarded to me (4th October 2000):

"Baiqi 28th September.
DG4D 4054, 4055 with Dalian 2000 plates delivered to Baiqi, July 01 2000. Chinese Yuan 5 Million each (QJ currently Y300,000 from China Rail). Bought with bank loan, three months driver training just complete, took first revenue freight (4054) 11.00 Baiqi - Benhonh TODAY. Will each replace 6 QJ. Baiqi now has 35 locos allocated, 18 active daily has started cutting up QJ September 2000. One (unidentified) in bits, 6031 being cut today, next are 6080, 6044, 6855. Problem is water quality here. Expect to have 6 units by end 200. Only one 6 car DMU in sevice, odd days from Daban, even days from Hohot."

Rob Dickinson