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The thin end of the wedge....

Rick Wong has sent a translation of  a news article taken from China Ministry Of Railway website:

"Bullet Head" arrives "Great Grass Plain"

On June 14, a new DMU made its delivery journey to Ji-tong Railway at Inner Mongolia from Qingdao's Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works. This will bring new energy to the rail transportation and economic development at Inner Mongolia and Central West region.

Multiple units have been seen as a new favourite on the 21st century rail transportation. It has advantages such as short coach formation, increased train frequency and no loco turn around at the terminus. Since early last year, Bullet Head made a good impact economically and socially. It has become an ideal/modern transportation method for short/medium journeys.

After Ji-tong Railway Co Ltd. studied carefully on domestic multiple unit market and manufacturers. They opted for Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Unit with computerised control system onboard from Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works. This unit is suitable for Central West region with maintenance free period of up to 800,000kms.

Rob Dickinson