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Chinese Narrow Gauge Mysteries

Jeff Lanham is researching Chinese narrow gauge railways and he has come up with some tantalising references. Could anyone with any information on the following please contact him directly


Xianyou, situated about 53km north of Qanzhou. In 1972 it had five or six lines all less than 10km in length radiating from the urban area. There was no connection to the CNR. If anyone ever visited the town it would be interesting to know what they found even if this was nothing.

Geoff adds (29th May 2007):

"I had a response from a Chinese business man who was investigating starting some sort of enterprise in Xianyou. He wrote that the the railway was used to bring sugar cane to the sugar mill which had been 
the major employer in the town. He said everything was derelict because the Mill management was so poor it went bankrupt."


Guigang (Guixian) 1985 A narrow-gauge railway headed southwest from the west end of the station. Probably a steam hauled sugar cane line....


Jeff's son Mark adds: "I have just found on a map what looks like a forestry system away from the normal areas just north east of Arxan at Wenquan near the Mongolian border. Long & Lat N 47.391 E120.447. A possible entry in the questions page?" Charles Towler failed to get here in 2000, being turned back at Baicheng (no ATP).

Jeff has promised some leads later ....

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Rob Dickinson