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Jiayuguan Steel Works - 2001

Trevor Maxted has been investigating this rarely visited area in Gansu province in western China..

Zhang of Jilin CITS has indicated that he has checked with his local contacts and they have a quite large fleet of steam, 2 QJ, 5 JS & 8 SY.

Zhang's first report suggested that of special interest is the fact that there is a 'stone' line of some 120km to the Quilan Mountains where there is a 'mine' which is apparently 100% operated by steam with 3 round trips a day. It appears that this is not one of the lines marked on the Quail maps. The area is sensitive but the contacts have indicated that permission can be obtained to visit and photograph.

However, on double checking he later reported:

"1) The Steelworks has more than 15 Locos; ONLY like Steelworks of Anshan; Working INSIDE;
2) Steelworks to Qilains Mt: Dieselised
3) No more linesiding OUTSIDE of the Steelworks"

I must stress that this is unconfirmed at first hand....

Rob Dickinson