The International Steam Pages

The second steam locomotive festival
5 to 9 December 2001
The greatest steam locomotive action in the world!

Place: DABAN locomotive depot, RESHUI town at the famous JINGPENG PASS.

Organized by: Jitong railway, aodu travel service

Assistant departments: motive power depot in Daban, motive section, maintenance of way section, motive power control, electrical control, motive operation, office Jitong hotel

We pick you up at: Beijing, Chifeng, Tongliao, Huhehaote, Xilinhaote

Our offering: Five days of steam action, with heavy trains, a visit to our largest locomotive depot, footplate riding, and more.

First and second day: Visit the steepest parts of our line at the Jingpeng pass. We will run extra many trains during daylight hours. We transport you to the best photo positions. During these days, we run our trains according to a reliable schedule.

Third day: Early morning steam train to Daban. Visit Daban locomotive depot and locomotive maintenance workshop. Learn to drive a QJ!

Fourth day: Join a heavy freight train over the Jingpeng pass. From Daban to Jingpeng, and then from Jingpeng to Reshui .You will ride partly in a coach, partly on the footplate.

Evening: Photo show at Reshui railway hotel. Bring your best pictures!

Fifth day: the festival's closure, we collect the best pictures you bring for inclusion collected in steam locomotive photograph brochure of Jitong railway, we give you the honor driving license of steam locomotive, in the afternoon, we make sure you get away to your next destination.

Our special services during the festival

  • According to your requests. We organize your travelling from major cities in china to our place and back , using the best available accommodation in the trains.
  • From our railway hotel at Reshui, we organize taxi transport along the Jingpeng pass line.

We have English and Japanese speaking guides. The drivers know the line.At the Jingpeng pass

  • During the days of the festival , we operate many more trains than normal during the daylight hours (from 7:00 to 17:00) between LinXi and Jingpeng .
  • All our freight trains will operate according to a reliable schedule just like our passenger train.
  • If you like to, you may take some of our freight trains during the festival, using the conductor car.l Our cleanest engines run over the Jingpeng pass.
  • You get precise information about the train schedule, to enable you to take pictures without long waiting times .

At Daban locomotive depot

  • You see our special equipment in action : The steam crane in our emergency train, the steam cranes for coaling. You will have a guided tour, and free movement around the depot on your own.
  • You may practice driving engines of class QJ. Our locomotive driver will instruct you.

At Reshui

  • You find an exhibition of photographs of the construction of Jitong railway, the construction of our new line to Xilinhaote, and of maps and drawings of the line over the Jingpeng pass.
  • Railway souvenirs are on sale :
    • The Jitong railway calendar 2002
    • Jitong railway postcards
    • Information brochures about Jitong railway
    • Locomotive factory plates and parts

Registration and fees:

Register from today to end of November 2001


Telephone: +86 471 6902324
Fax: +86 471 6247140

General manager Mrs.Kongfanrong (+86 13604719825)
Secretary Mrs.Sunyahong (+86 471 6902324 English speaking ).
Mrs.Hanzhijion (+86 471 6247140)
Postal address: Jitong railway, Beiyuan street 56, Huhehaote 010010, P.R.China
Price: USD 600

Services provided:

During the festival, hotels and meals, guiding, Schedule information, access fees for depot visit, honor driving license of steam locomotive, the Jitong railway picture calendar. No additional fees will be charged.

A special note about the meals: lunch may be eaten at our hotels, but we recommend taking a packaged meal and using all the daylight time outside . We organize both.

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