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Harz Mallets in the 1970s

This page illustrates examples of articulated steam locomotives - click here for the introduction to Mallet locomotives.

Back in the 1970s, the Harz metre gauge lines were still in the former East Germany, tantalisingly close to the border which meant visitors had to exercise some caution in parts of the system. Fortunately, the Mallets mainly worked on the eastern side out of Genrrode which in those days was not physically connected to the main system as it is now. James Waite reports.

My first visit to East Germany was in January 1977 and the weather was pretty bleak! I have converted the scans to monchrome to spare Mr. Kodak's blushes on how the High Speed Ektachrome has (or rather hasn't) lasted. RD

99 5906 is different from no's. 5901-5 and less powerful. Here it's hitching a ride at Wernigerode standard gauge station on its way for an overhaul. It was originally Nordhausen-Wernigerode Eisenbahn no. 41 built by Karlsruher Maschinenbau (2052/1918).

The next shot is of 99 5901 ((Jung 258/1897)) in a blizzard drifting very slowly downhill towards Gernrode. The loco was painted unlined green at the time.

By August 1979 5901 had been beautifully restored by the DR as NWE 11. First it's heading uphill from Gernrode and then seen crossing 5904 (Jung ---/1897) on a downhill train at Magdesprung. Sadly 5904 (NWE 14) didn't make it to preservation and was scrapped towards the end of the DR era.

Next we see the train leaving Alexisbad on the Harzgerode branch and finally at Magdesprung again in the evening.

Rob Dickinson