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Portuguese Mallets - The Tua Line

This page illustrates examples of articulated steam locomotives - click here for the introduction to Mallet locomotives.

Part 2 - The Tua Line

James Waite was a regular visitor to Portugal in the late 1970s, much as I was doing with Indonesian Mallets at the same time. He writes:

These are the E161-70 class 0-4-4-0T's starting at the lower end of the Tua line. The working loco is E165 and the dead one in the first few pics at the servicing point at Tua station is E170, one of the two locos which is still there now. E165 is now stored at Guifoes works in Porto. I turned up there too late to get in when I was in Porto last March and again intend to go back to see it some time this winter.

This is in the gorge between Tua and Abreiro


This is a lightweight train (deputising for a failed diesel railcar) at Abreiro.

This is on the viaduct at Romeu, heading up towards Braganca above Mirandela.

These are both of southbound trains near Braganca:

712 is the same train a little further up the line 

These are two at Braganca station, at over 100km the end of what must have been one of the longest narrow gauge runs still going in Europe then.


This is another southbound train on the Romeu viaduct.

Rob Dickinson