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Portuguese Mallets - The Regua Line

This page illustrates examples of articulated steam locomotives - click here for the introduction to Mallet locomotives.

Part 1 - The Regua Line

James Waite was a regular visitor to Portugal in the late 1970s, much as I was doing with Indonesian Mallets at the same time. He writes:

1977 was the last year of steam on the Regua - Chaves line. The first few pictures were taken at Regua depot on 7th June, it couldn't be called a shed as there's never been any covered accommodation there despite it being one of the most important depots in the north of Portugal. Several of these locos are still there 30 years or so after they were withdrawn! I intend to get back there some time this winter now that the air fares to Portugal are cheap again.

The rest of the photos work northwards up the line on 3rd June 1977. This is a northbound train on the Tanha bridge 3 or 4 kms north of Regua.

 These are at Carazedo station, about halfway between Regua and Vila Real. 

This is at Pedras Selgadas, 

This is near Loivos,

This is on the Tamega bridge

This is at Chaves.

Happy days! I went to Portugal several times in the 1970's and we've been back many times since, more for family holidays than for gricing. It's one of our favourite places and maybe this comes across from these photos!

Rob Dickinson